Easter Lust List!

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Happy Easter weekend everybody! Most of you will finish work today for a lovely Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and I hope that you make the most of every minute! I love Easter, it’s for most of us, a chance to spend a long weekend with family and friends and east lots of chocolate (what’s not to love). Even though I may have to work on the Sunday and Monday, I will make sure that I fit in a lot of fun around it! It’s my birthday tomorrow, on Good Friday, and I plan to celebrate with lots of people then (I may even have lots of early chocolate to celebrate)! Anyway, enough about my plans, above is my Easter Lust List for this year… I’ve included the most appealing and luxurious egg that I could find, and what could be better that one with champagne truffles, yum! I also couldn’t resist these cute personalised egg cups, perfect for and Easter gift, but also perfect for the rest of the year too. The ceramic egg by Emma Bridgewater is probably one of my favourite out of the list. The beautiful design drew me too it (among many other beautiful designs of Emma’s), and it could be used for almost anything all year through! The personalised bunny rabbit is the perfect gift for all ages, it would be perfect for younger children, but I also love it myself! And finally, this rabbit sweater I found can be worn over the Easter weekend and the rest of spring.

What’s on your Easter Lust List this year?… I would love to read your comments below or even read your own post dedicated to your Easter Lust List!

Paris Love x


About Paris Martins

Hi, I’m Paris, writer and co-founder of Roam from Home! I’m from the United Kingdom and am currently traveling parts of the world. I spent a lot of my childhood camping in Croyde, North Devon in England; my family and I would always hike and surf, regardless of the weather, which lead to many escapades (and distress in some cases!) Since then, I have enjoyed exploring different parts of Europe, on annual summer holidays, city breaks and an Interrail trip in 2013. However, this time I am lucky enough to be exploring further afield, for the first time ever! My boyfriend, Gary, and I quit our jobs and bought a one-way ticket to begin our trip in Singapore. On this website, you will find posts about our journey behind the pictures! As part of this blog, I hope to combine guides to help your travel plans, but also moments of escapism to let you, the reader, make your own decisions and interpretations as you wish. Here you will find: First impressions of the places that we visit; Top tips that you can apply to your own trips; Highlights of our experiences; Short scenes to capture events; And other relevant posts. You can also follow our journey on our Instagram account, for regular photo updates!
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9 Responses to Easter Lust List!

  1. Ruby says:

    Yummy photos! Chocolate Easter eggs are my favorites! 🙂

  2. Chocolate, chocolate and sleep 🙂

  3. Tracy Martins says:

    Champagne truffles are my favourite since Aunty Angela bought them for my
    birthday xx

  4. Stephanie says:

    Happy birthday! That ceramic egg is gorgeous!

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