Sparkles, Cocktails and Red Leather Shorts!



photo (11)image (2)red leather shorts 2So, last night’s night out consisted partly of sparkles, cocktails, and a new pair of shorts, and I just felt the need to share them with you! Firstly, the nail polish was bought yesterday, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to have it. I have always had a love for glitter nail polishes, but I loved that this had lots of different coloured grains of glitter, and after a few coats gave a good coverage compared to other glitters I have previously used. I wore it for the first time last night, and it set my outfit off perfectly. It is by Barry M, and is called 345 Amethyst Glitter for anybody that has fell in love with it as much as I have, and now feel the need to purchase some of their own. Secondly, I am going to introduce you to the ‘frozen strawberry and lime daiquiri’ that I was consuming. It like the slush puppy for grown ups and it tasted just as yummy as it looks! Lastly, I thought I would also share the outfit that I wore last night with you! This pictures is from a group photograph, so excuse the cropping, but these mock leather short are also a new purchase that I love, and are from Forever 21. I loved wearing them out for the first time and can’t wait to get more wear out of them.

What things are your night out consisted of? I would, as always, love to know!

Paris love x


About Made By Paris

I am a Loughborough university student, studying for an English degree. My passions include writing, sharing my opinions, fashion, make-up, food and friends. This blog is a little bit of me, welcome to my world...
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2 Responses to Sparkles, Cocktails and Red Leather Shorts!

  1. My Red Faux Patent Leather Body Cross Bag by Coach

  2. sarahbeebo says:

    Love the outfit and your choice of cocktail, I love a strawberry daiquiri! Nice blog x

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