My First Coffee and a Nice Man!

Fullscreen capture 14012013 210812.bmpThis may come as a surprise to many of you, but before this morning I had never had a coffee before. For as long as I remember I have loved the smell of coffee, the waft from a coffee shop or otherwise, and I have always loved the idea of coffee, but whenever I have ever had a sip of a relative’s or friend’s coffee, I just don’t like the taste!

However, this all changed this morning. So, the past couple of weeks I have been working on two deadlines, both of which were due in this morning (the reason there have been so little posts recently- sorry about that!) and after being up until the early hours of the morning finishing them, having four hours sleep and practically no social life in recent days, my friend Chloe, a fellow student, and I decided to treat ourselves and headed towards Loughborough’s Costa Coffee!

Now usually, what to have isn’t difficult for me considering hot chocolate seems to be the only hot drink I opt for when out. But whilst Chloe was deciding what to have, she usually takes a while, the barista asked if we needed any help deciding. So I decided to tell him about my love for the idea of coffee, but also of the reality that follows. So he suggested having a flavoured latte with only half a shot of coffee in it. I chose caramel for the flavouring and with some luck, I actually enjoyed it! I think it’s something that will now grow on me and I will maybe be able to manage the full shot soon! The barista even came over to see how I liked it! So I would like to thank him for actually taking to time out to actually make recommendations and it’s always nice to see somebody passionate about their job!

So that’s it for my little coffee shop story, oh and one last thanks to the coffee shop man 🙂

What are your coffee preferences? I would love some recommendations!

Paris love x


About Made By Paris

I am a Loughborough university student, studying for an English degree. My passions include writing, sharing my opinions, fashion, make-up, food and friends. This blog is a little bit of me, welcome to my world...
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9 Responses to My First Coffee and a Nice Man!

  1. How nice!
    I love a latte, sweetened with maple syrup! Yum!

  2. I don’t drink coffee but that was nice of the barista. Don’t get addicted now 🙂

  3. honestly, b. says:

    Welcome to the coffee-drinking world! I personally love my coffee VERY sweet! 🙂

  4. Mochas are the best, half coffee half chocolate!

  5. TGFRL says:

    This post is inspiring me to take the “Oval Office” to a cafe and finish writing over a steamy flat white!

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