Should the Past Stay in the Past?

I have always struggled with this concept. Should people be judged on what they have done in the past? Should we dwell on things that have happened in the past? Whatever has happened in the past has already happened, right, so shouldn’t we just accept that and move on? This has got me thinking and we all seem to end up okay in the end. So should we stop dwelling and judging from the past and move on, or is it good to reflect back and work on ways to change and improve certain aspects of our life?

As you can see, I really meant it when I said I struggle with this concept, there are so many ways to view it and so many questions to be answered! I think what it is, is that I used to look back to the past more than I now think is necessary. I still agree that we can learn a great deal from our mistakes and successes, but once we have reflected on those things, it’s time to dust ourselves off and move on with our lives. As my mum used to always tell me ‘there is no point worrying about the things you can not change’. In the case of those successes that we have achieved, be proud of those moments and take this as an initiative to achieve more in the future. When it comes to other people, should we judge people on what they have done in the past? Does this reflect how they are as a person, or have they just made some mistakes like the rest of us and is it possible for people to change? We always seem to judge people more on the negative things they have done rather than the positive. I think this outlook should also be changed. Why should we ignore all the good things that people have done based on that on mistake. If you have made the decision to be friends with somebody, be in a relationship with somebody or work closely with somebody, whatever the situation may be, if we have made the decision to have somebody in our lives do we need to accept them as they are and form a friendship based on the ways in which they behave whilst in our lives?

I think it’s time to stop looking into the past to shape our futures and judge other people and start looking to the present and the future, which essentially is the life you have yet to live, what can be more important with that?

This is the best that I can answer these questions as of present, but who knows how my opinion will change towards this topic.

I would love other opinions on this topic, which parts do you agree with or disagree with, and what are your thoughts on the past?

Paris love x


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I am a Loughborough university student, studying for an English degree. My passions include writing, sharing my opinions, fashion, make-up, food and friends. This blog is a little bit of me, welcome to my world...
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15 Responses to Should the Past Stay in the Past?

  1. Lots to think about x

  2. Elena says:

    Hey Paris!!

    Interesting topic and I think it’s a nice concept, not to dwell on the past and concentrate on the present/ future etc. but unfortunately the things we have done and said in the past shape who we are today. Yes people can change to an extent but I think certain actions are impossible not to judge even if they were committed 20-30 years ago.
    Have not read every post of yours but have really enjoyed the ones I have! Hope you carry on with this:)

  3. Hey!
    I strongly agree that the things we do most definitely shape who we are today, but also think that they would still shape our characters regardless of how long we spent dwelling on these things. And yes, I believe that there are certain acts which can be unforgivable in extreme circumstances but how often do we meet such people? Then again, I guess that depends on what people consider to be unforgivable circumstances.
    Thanks for your opinion and it has now got me to think even more about this questionable topic!
    I am pleased that you are enjoying the posts, I really love writing them too so aim to carry on with it 🙂

  4. johncoyote says:

    The past is a odd subject. Something need to be forgotten. Somethings in the past are important. I believe we need to be careful what you share with the people you are with. Somethings in the past could cause un-needed problems.

    • I don’t whether we should forget things entirely, I believe we should be open about our past with the people we are with, but perhaps we should let people get to know us before revealing too much to influence their judgement of us.

  5. mjtannian says:

    Super relevant topic 🙂 I agree and like this part: “I still agree that we can learn a great deal from our mistakes and successes, but once we have reflected on those things, it’s time to dust ourselves off and move on with our lives.” I think that about sums it up. Sometimes I’m too introspective and that involves thinking about the past too much. Why worry about the past when we have an exciting present to live in? I don’t want the present to become the past before I can enjoy it. Then again, learning from the past can help us live better in the present.

    • I felt that I used to think about the past too much too and yes I agree that this can stop us enjoying the present while it’s here. Its seems we have a similar mind set on this topic and have feel that the questioning of such a topic has helped me to put life into perspective a bit more 🙂

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  7. pflead73 says:

    First,you cannot make any conclusion on absolute terms.Everything is relative.I know present matters,but a knowledge about someone’s past is important too.
    Second,I won’t like to say anything about my past that can shatter a person.
    There is no point in saying a bitter truth that will make every other true thing look like a lie!

    • I agree that there is no absolute conclusion. You have just said that someone’s past is important, yet decide to keep some truth under wraps. But surely if the ‘bitter truth’ is found out in the end, it would have been better to have told them first hand prior to this discovery. Lots to think about, thank you for your comment!

      • pflead73 says:

        Someone’s past is important to me and I would like to know everything about him/her.It’s just that now I am quite experienced in handling bitter truths….But I don’t expect the same from others,hence I won’t tell them everything about my past!

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