Winter Dates!

So firstly I want to apologise for not writing in forever, but I have had what feels like a million coursework deadlines all in for the same day; so like a good student I have been working on those for the past couple of weeks. The last post I wrote acknowledged the cold weather and ways to embrace it. Now I’m going to explore some fun ways to enjoy these cold winter days! Here are my top five winter dates:

1. Have a cosy night (or day) in. When its cold out there’s nothing like enjoying a cosy night in together. Cook a special dinner together, something that neither of you have on a regular evening, or take it in turns to cook something special for each other and see who comes out on top after both dates. Light a fire or some candles and enjoy each others company.

2. Dust off those ice skates. Find your local ice skating rink and make your way over. See who has the best balance and most impressive ice skills, if that fails try and hold each other up and just hope for the best!

3. Go for a winter walk. Okay, so a walk may not be the first thing that pops into your head, especially when its so cold outside that you can see your breath in the air. But wrap up warm in those layers on and head outside. The cold will give you that rosy glow and have you feeling healthier and fitter in no time.

4. Go to a Christmas market. I know its not even December yet, but this year I’m so excited for Christmas I really don’t think it’s too early to start. Besides, Christmas seems to be EVERYWHERE already. There are loads of Christmas markets about, so find your local and head on down. Christmas markets are great opportunities to try some new foods, pick up some stocking fillers and just enjoy the atmosphere.

5. Have a Sleepover. You know like when you were a kid and enjoyed girlie nights in, watching films and painting each others nails. Well, I’m not suggesting to do that with your man. But, do get in your pajamas’s  wrap up in your duvet, put on a film you both like, make some popcorn and refuse to move for the rest of the evening. When the films finished, take it in turns to ask each other questions to get to know each other a little better, just like when you used to ask your girlfriends who their current crush was.

Oh, and you don’t need to be in a relationship to take part in these fabulous dates, get all your single girlfriends together and enjoy the same dates couples can have in your friendships group!

Let me know what you like to get up throughout the winter days, I would love to hear from you…

Paris Love x


About Made By Paris

I am a Loughborough university student, studying for an English degree. My passions include writing, sharing my opinions, fashion, make-up, food and friends. This blog is a little bit of me, welcome to my world...
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