Celebrities as Role Models?

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Celebrities are often getting penalized for going out drinking, having a good time and getting themselves into trouble, but should they take some more responsibility in their roles? Celebrities can be role models to many children and teens so is it time that they started to take some more responsibility in their personal lives too?

I personally think that the taboo lyrics, skimpy outfits and suggestive dance moves are more damaging that what celebs are ‘papped’ doing in their own time, yet they seem to get less media attention. These types of song and music video choices are now seen as the norm among popular teen artists. Hearing children repeat lyrics about taboo topics raised in such songs, such as sex and substance abuse, is to me somewhat disturbing. Yes, they may not realise the meanings of these lyrics fully that they are simply mimicking, but I think Rhianna in 2011 to it too far with lyrics such as ‘chains and whips excite me’, which was a popular song among children and young teens alike. Having seen a live performance of this first hand I can confirm that the pvc costumes, handcuffs and provocative dance moves were not suitable to some of the younger generation there. The revealing outfits that often inspire teenagers to want to dress in a similar fashion and look a particular way, are just as influential as the dance moves which are also aimed to attract sexual attention to them.

So I think it’s about time to stop focusing just on what celebrities do in their personal lives, which are often aimed to be kept private anyway, and start focusing on the more obvious influence that are trust onto the younger generation about looking and behaving in a particular way!

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