It’s Just a Dress, Right?

Always being one to love getting dressed up and having a night out with the girls, I’ve never really thought too much into what message this sends out to other people. As long as I feel comfortable with what I’m wearing why should it matter what others may think? But recently this attitude has got me thinking, should girls take more responsibility with what they decide what to wear when leaving the house…

After an hour– admittedly sometimes two– of getting ready, perfecting our hair, nails, make up, tan, putting on our new fav dress and opting for heels, I for one love the feeling of being polished and prepped to go out looking and feeling my best. Yes a fair amount of my outfits may be considered revealing at times, but how far does this choice reflect what kind of a night out I’m looking for? After being in a relationship for a year and a half, and a fair few of my girlfriends being in similar positions, we look forward to a night of dancing, drinking and taking a few pics to remember our night.

However, if boys see this as an invitation to ‘make a move’, us girls are often quick to moan about being harassed, but is it always the guys fault? Myself, I’m always tolerant with an introduction and politely leave the conversation, but what happens when a no isn’t taken as a no, are we to blame for this? So it seems the question is, should girls take more responsibility for their appearance on a night out to stop giving out the ‘wrong image’, or should they be able to get dressed up for themselves, without having to worry about what other people think and for guys seeing it as an excuse to get away with their behaviour?

I would love to hear what you think on this topic, also are there any signals that you can think of that men may give out in a similar way…

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Love Paris x


About Made By Paris

I am a Loughborough university student, studying for an English degree. My passions include writing, sharing my opinions, fashion, make-up, food and friends. This blog is a little bit of me, welcome to my world...
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