The Last Rays of Sunshine!

IMG_0051So, winter is clearly not far off with some icy temperatures hitting the UK over the last week, but this morning there was some pleasant sunshine over my garden (see picture above!). I cannot believe that the summer is coming to an end already, but I fully appreciate the summer we have been lucky enough to experience this year. There has been LOTS of sun over the past few months, meaning I have been able to enjoy many trips to the beach and spending summer days and evenings outside (most of my favourite places are outside). I have been rather lazy with my blogging over the summer I must admit, but I am planning on writing many more blogs over winter, along with a new routine including many cups of tea, blankets and being productive in many other aspects of my life.

Although the weather has dropped rapidly and the sun hasn’t been making as many appearances, I am feeling optimistic that we still have a few weeks left with a bit of sun at least (fingers crossed) and I am secretly hoping that we may even be able to squeeze in one last BBQ- a mutual hope between my housemates! Summer is undoubtedly my favourite time of year, but I am actually kind of looking forward to wearing jumpers and getting cosy this winter I must say. Ooh and how can I forgot… the post I did all the way back in April ‘CHANEL Fall-Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear show‘ is finally starting to seem closer to reality- exciting!

The end of the summer for me also means that… I am heading back to university on Sunday after a long summer off, and I am looking forward to having fun with my greatly missed friends over freshers week before getting settled back into university life.

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are also planning on making the most of winter this year.

What have your favourite bits of the summer been this year and what are you looking forward to over the winter? As always, I’d love to hear from you!

Paris love x



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Interrailing in Europe!

I have been meaning to start this post for the last week, but one reason I haven’t gotten around to it, is that I have been too busy catching up with the people at home, that I have missed, and also I just couldn’t (and still cannot) imagine how this one post can even begin to reflect the adventure that I have embarked on over the past 3 weeks. Anyway, I have decided to just begin writing to express as much as possible, and then I may revisit some of my personal highlights in more detail in future posts to give all of you more of an insight into the journey I ascended on.

It all began with the purchase of an Interrail pass, and the booking of a couple of flights. So, the travel was sorted, but what about the rest? The places to visit, the accommodation to stay in, and of course the things to see and the activities to do. After a lot of planning -and a lot of confusion- we set off to Berlin, with the rest of the trip fairly open to changing plans along the way. I didn’t want the trip to be too set in stone, and leaving the booking of accommodation until a day or two before we arrived in a place allowed the flexibility and choice to change our plans along the way.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff, what did we actually get up to?

As I mentioned, it all started in Berlin before moving onto Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Ljubjana, Bled, Venice, Rome, Bern, Frankfurt and finishing in Amsterdam over the course of 3 weeks.

Being on the move almost every other day was very tiring, but totally worth every moment. I absolutely fell in love with each and every place for different reasons. My personal favourite had to be staying at Lake Bled in Slovenia. The views are simply breathtaking and the rafting activity that we took part in was so much fun, even though I nearly froze when I decided to body raft down the river for a bit! My boyfriend’s fav (who I went on this adventure with) was Rome, which I admit was impressive to see the Colosseum -a lot more impressive in real life than I thought it would be. Switzerland was also up there with my top 3. Staying in Bern, consisted of visiting some bears, swimming in a flowing river and again witnessing the most beautiful scenery. Our visit to the mountains in Switzerland didn’t go as well as it could have done, with lots of clouds blocking our view and heavy rain, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Lastly, I’d have to say that Budapest was the other place that made it into my top 3. Only being there for an evening meant we had to squeeze a lot into a short period of time, but watching the city come alive at night, and being lit up by the light was very magical. Staying in a hostel which felt like we were staying in a log cabin definitely topped the evening off.

I hope you have enjoyed a quick insight into the most amazing 3 weeks of my life, and if you are considering doing anything similar, I couldn’t recommend it enough! It is incredible to visit lots of places, some close to where you live, and some a little further afield to soak up a range of cultures along the way. I will update you all with some further details in a few following posts, but for now, here are some selected photos from the journey, enjoy…

Our room in Budapest


Castle district in Budapest


The view of Lake Bled from our balcony in Slovenia


Rafting in Slovenia


At the Colosseum in Rome


Swimming in Bern, Switzerland


Walking up the mountains in Switzerland


I would love to hear about your own adventures and journeys below!

Paris love x

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Bucket Lists- Things to do Before you Die


Excuse the absence of any posts recently, my life has been pretty hectic, which has partially contributed to the making of this new post! There are many things in life that we say we want to so, but often they can drift into the atmosphere or distance dreams, because perhaps we see them as unrealistic or just not for us. But, surely it’s time to realise that most goals or opportunities are for us, if we just put our minds to it. I am in a position to see this from both sides… There are many things that I am actively aiming for in the near future but haven’t yet completely figured out how to get there yet, and in other news I have just booked an interailing ticket around Europe for the middle of June (exciting). Whether our wants extend to career goals, trying new activities, or in actuality any kind of adventure that we want to achieve, it’s time to put these desires into action. Bucket lists can be in the form of ‘things to do before I die’ or more specifically ‘places to go before I die’ etc., but whatever kind of bucket list you choose, they are an excellent way to get your dreams down on paper, distinguish the most important things in your life and become one step closer into actively planning on ways to achieve them. So, what are you waiting for, take a moment out of busy everyday life and make those dreams (whether short term or long term)become closer to a reality.

Paris love x

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CHANEL Fall-Winter 2013/14 Ready-to-Wear show

So ever since Chanel posted this video at the beginning of March it has stuck in my mind! Perhaps the Spring-Summer collections would have been more appropriate for a post, considering the sun has just started to shine over here, but the other collections really do not do as much for me as this one does! Even though Winter seems a long time away, at least if the summer doesn’t last that long this year (as it never seems to in England) we have something to look forward to! I am particularly loving the tweed teamed with dramatic over-the-knee socks, boots and chunky knitwear, to toughen up more traditional look of tweed! I am also a massive fan of the effectiveness that the music featured in this video has on the collection! Oh, and how can I forget the outstanding set! Flawless show, enjoy…

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Easter Lust List!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Easter weekend everybody! Most of you will finish work today for a lovely Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and I hope that you make the most of every minute! I love Easter, it’s for most of us, a chance to spend a long weekend with family and friends and east lots of chocolate (what’s not to love). Even though I may have to work on the Sunday and Monday, I will make sure that I fit in a lot of fun around it! It’s my birthday tomorrow, on Good Friday, and I plan to celebrate with lots of people then (I may even have lots of early chocolate to celebrate)! Anyway, enough about my plans, above is my Easter Lust List for this year… I’ve included the most appealing and luxurious egg that I could find, and what could be better that one with champagne truffles, yum! I also couldn’t resist these cute personalised egg cups, perfect for and Easter gift, but also perfect for the rest of the year too. The ceramic egg by Emma Bridgewater is probably one of my favourite out of the list. The beautiful design drew me too it (among many other beautiful designs of Emma’s), and it could be used for almost anything all year through! The personalised bunny rabbit is the perfect gift for all ages, it would be perfect for younger children, but I also love it myself! And finally, this rabbit sweater I found can be worn over the Easter weekend and the rest of spring.

What’s on your Easter Lust List this year?… I would love to read your comments below or even read your own post dedicated to your Easter Lust List!

Paris Love x

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Forever Young!


[Skirt – Rihanna for River Island; Trainers- Gola at Asos; Both Tee’s and Jeans- Topshop; Ring- Daisy London]

Later this week it’s going to be my birthday (my first birthday as a blogger), and as I’m going to venturing out of my teens into my twenties, I have been doing my best to avoid the reality of getting older! I know that 20 is still very young, but I’m one of those people that was upset at the thought of being 19 and wanted to stay 18 forever. It is quite exciting, entering my 20’s and thinking of all the exciting things that I will get up to in the next ten years, but at the same I am not ready for all of the adult responsibilities to come with it. I want to stay young and carefree as long as possible, once I enter my 20’s I can’t use the excuse that I’m still a teenager any more  So, after going through all of this in my head, I thought I would create this ‘forever young’ fashion board to share with you and remind us all that age is just a number, and we can stay as young as we wish!

Happy birthday to anybody else that is also turning a year older this week, and just remember to not let an age restrict you in whatever you wish to do!

I’d also love to hear your tips (as always) for staying young at heart!

Paris love x

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Food of the Day: Pomegranate!


I’ve always loved trying new fruits and in particular pomegranate for its taste, and it’s vibrant colour is an added bonus! But, also there are also tonnes of health benefits and various ways in which pomegranate can be used in recipes too. There are many easy ways to get some of the goodness from this fruit into your diet, plus some added flavour in salads or desserts. So, if you fancy trying something something new this week, maybe pick up a pomegranate to enjoy!

What are your favourite fruits, I’d love some more recommendations!

Paris love x

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